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Financial Data

The McCall Men’s Golf Association, Inc. is an active Idaho non-profit corporation with ongoing IRS 501 (3)c approval. Financial data has been filed annually since 2015 to maintain this approval; details can be verified at

Funds have been raised from annual membership dues, a Charity Auction during the McCall Amateur golf tournament and tee sign sponsorships.  In 2014/15, a raffle of lifetime passes generated additional funds. Raffles were conducted with the approval and certification of the Idaho Lottery Commission.

The corporation maintains a $1 million liability policy covering all sponsored events, and provides additional insured coverage to the City of McCall Golf Course, Parks and Recreation Department, and McCall-Donnelly High School. Beginning in 2023, individual elected directors will also be covered by this policy and a $25,000 bond.

In accordance with IRS regulations pertaining to acceptable donations, funds have been donated to support McCall-Donnelly High School Golf Teams, scholarship assistance for graduates pursuing golf-related college opportunities, and golf course projects accepted by the McCall City Council and our Executive Board.

Donation Summary 2015-2022

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The McCall Men's Golf Association, Inc., is an active Idaho non-profit corporation with IRS 501 (c) (3) approval. Corporate address is 925 Fairway Drive (Mail: PO Box 417), McCall, Idaho, 83638.
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